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Animal Advocates of Western New York (AAWNY) is an independent, nonprofit, all volunteer, peaceful community organization dedicated to the elimination of animal exploitation and abuse.  Founded in 1985 as "Animal Rights Advocates of Western New York," we have been a voice for animals for 30 years.

AAWNY is primarily an educational organization.  We help to enlighten the public about the cruelties and injustices that animals are often subjected to -- usually for the monetary profit of humans.  Our educational advocacy includes: providing literature while staffing information tables in shopping malls and at special events, giving presentations to students in schools throughout the WNY area, placing advertisements about animal issues in local newspapers, renting billboards to make our pro-animal messages viewable by motorists, and attending town meetings to speak up for the animals regarding numerous issues.

We also plan and conduct our own peaceful demonstrations when circuses, rodeos, and other shows that use animals as "entertainment" come to town.

We consult with wildlife rehabilitators and/or the SPCA Wildlife Department when "conflicts" with wildlife arise.

Please note that we are not a rescue or shelter group; we do not do "hands-on" work with animals.  For information on such groups, we suggest that you visit petfinder.com.  Also, our organization is not able to provide financial assistance with people's veterinary bills.  For this type of situation, we recommend the Pet Emergency Fund, Hope for Cats, Inc., and Hope Before Heaven.

We do encourage you to contact us if you have lost or found a companion animal in Western New York, and we will try to help reunite the animal with his or her human caretaker.

Thank you for visiting our home on the web, and please check out our other pages where you can learn all about the issues we work on, ways in which you can help, and more.  If you are not already a member, we invite you to join us.  Thanks again!

AAWNY is not affiliated with with any other animal rights organizations in Western New York.

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated" ~ Mahatma Gandhi

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